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I run the registration site for our local basketball league and last year, I believe I was able to change the price of the registration fee and set it to change as a specific time (at the point our late fee kicked in).  This year, I am needing to set this option for November 1st and I am unable to see how to make that change and add the $25 late fee.  

Any tips?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can save me!

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Noticed you posted the same question on another thread. I'll post the same reply here:

Good news! If this hasn't been resolved yet, it can be.

I just checked in with Brandon, who heads up our registration team.

Here's what Brandon had to say:

"Please let him know that we’re able to setup a price change for him. All he needs to do is send us an email ( They should make sure to include the URL to their registration session, which fees should change price, what price they should change to and the specific date and time that the change should take place. If they send us the email this afternoon with the information needed, we should be able to take care of their price change by the end of business."

Also, whenever you need registration changes or help, you can always contact the registration team directly at the email above.

- Loren


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Thank you so much for the help! I have emailed them to get the late fee added.

Thanks for saving me! You guys are the best!

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