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Any new solutions to edit mode via mobile devices? Specifically, it is not unreasonable to expect the ability to edit field status on the home page from anywhere. If we tell parents they can trust the website to have an updated Field Status section, admins need to be able to do this remotely without carrying a laptop. Thanks for working toward a solution.

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Hoping to get one of our product managers to weigh in on this, since I know they are looking at solutions for this.

In the meantime, from another thread, there does appear to be a workaround for folks with access to Chrome on their mobile devices. Check out the last couple of posts on that thread.

- Loren

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I also submitted a request to have the ability to remove the delete feature as a security privileged from the website.  I need to provide coaches the ability to edit, but don't want them to have the delete capability.  Right now, you give them one, they get both.
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