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I created new account for me and for our kids within SportsEngine from the link we received from our town soccer administrator.  I already had an account from 2016 when I coached Premier Soccer but for some reason it made us create a new one. I will be coaching this season for our town program and completed the US soccer background check. The link I clicked for the background check opened my old account from 2016 instead of the NEW one and is under Registrations in OLD account instead of the New account which is associated with our town team. How do Merge these two accounts?  I have sent an email to and with NO response! These emails were sent days ago.  I must say I am very disappointed with sportsengines customer service / technical support system! Any help on this matter is appreciated.

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Good morning. I reached out to our CS team and it sounds like this was resolved a few days ago. If you have any other issues, feel free to reply to your correspondence with the team. 
Jim Dahline
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