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I am happy to announce that the activity feed feature is now available to Android users. The activity feed will give parents, coaches, and athletes an interactive way to engage with not only the teams they are a part of but the organizations as well. Organizations can share news, photos and content from their SportsEngine website and reach their members from within the mobile app.

Want to learn more? Click here to find out how to access your activity feed through SportsEngine Mobile. 

Marie Fitzgerald
Product Marketer - Teams & Families

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Is there an issue with the Activity Feed?  It worked for 1 article but the remaining articles that i have posted on my site, are not syncing with the mobile app.


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My Activity Feed stopped working 1/29/19.  This was a great place to quickly see all the News Articles posted.  I also used to get push notifications on new Articles and that has stopped as well.  

I can see the articles if I click through the Team to the News but it was so nice being able to click Feed right on the Home Screen and get all the News. 

Why even have that button on Home Screen if it doesn't work?  Very Confusing to Users.  

I am using Apple not Android.
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