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Hi - this may be a tricky one to help with.

We signed up to SportsEngine to give us a powerful tool to register players and communicate with them. It looks like it will be good for that. [biggrin]

Here's where it gets difficult. We're a squash program. Our leagues, ladders and team matches are all administered in a US Squash system called clublocker. All our players, under league rules, have to have a US Squash ID and registration to play.

I want to try and integrate SportsEngine and US Squash as much as possible to allow this.

Here is my first stab at this.

It looks like this in preview mode:
Each team will run its own ladder, OR some teams will run off a shared ladder.

What I would like to do, to be able to use the features and benefits of the ROSTER, is to maintain two separate ideas: A Roster (same as SE Rostering - what we would call a squad)

My question is this. Can I add a Tab element to a team page, so that I can display a ladder? Like this:
LadderTab.png  Thanks!


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