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We had a fall lacrosse season, which gave parents the option of playing in two tournaments. One was $140, both was $250. I set up the registration as such:

Q - How many tournaments will you play in? 
Radio Option 1 - One tournament (store item of $140)
Radio Option 2 - Both tournaments (store item of $250)

I then had a contextual question where, if they chose one tournament, they could indicate which one (to help us with rostering). 

What we are running into now is that several people selected the $140 one tournament option, then decided this week that they can make the second tournament. I have enabled the option to edit a registration, but it doesn't seem to be able to recognize that these people have already paid $140, and only now need to change their option and be charged $110. A couple managed to go in and just register solely for the second tournament, essentially paying another $140 for a total of $280. I owe these people a $30 refund (once the 3 days elapses and I can do so). 

At this point I'll likely just invoice these folks the $110 via PowerPay. But curious how others would set this up, or how I might set this up in the future. 


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If it's a small number, I'd manage it via PowerPay.

We have a similar situation when we move kids between levels and that's how we manage it. 

Jim Dahline
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