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Got an email from a parent today, who said her two boys, who are on different teams, are showing up on a single team in the mobile app. I have a similar situation, with two boys on different teams with the same organization, so I looked into it. 

My son RJ is on the 2025 Army team. 

My son Ryder is on the 27/28 Skills team. 

I have confirmed the rostering is correct on the site. 

When I set up the practice schedule a month ago, I created a single event and tagged all the teams who are scheduled at the same time and location. Therefore, both my boys (and hers) are tagged to the same event in the calendar, even if they're rostered on different teams. 

If I start by looking at my son's 2025 team, then go back to the main (multi-team, multi-org) calendar, it shows both kids on the 2025 event:

Then if I jump into the 27/28 team and then come back out to the main calendar, now it shows both boys on the 27/28 event:


Is this by design? Should I have created unique events for each team, versus creating one event and tagging multiple teams? Ideally I'd like to see these events be broken out in the for each team...with separate RSVPs, if for no other reason than to avoid confusion. 

What I've told the mom for now is to jump into each team within the app, then the correct team and player shows in there. This issue seems to just happen in the combined main calendar section. 


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Sorry to comment on my own thread, but got my first parent issue around this same topic. 


-Two boys in our program: Joe is a 2020, Daniel is a 2022 (year of graduation)

-Two teams practice at the same time next Tuesday.

-App shows the event, but only titled under one team (ie, '2020 Summer Team Practice'), but then asks for RSVP for both boys. 

In my mind, I'd like the mobile app to break this out into two events. I imagine if I imported an event for each team (versus loaded the schedule import with multiple teams tagged in the same 2020|2021|2022), it would have worked better. But that's a lot of extra work for me...essentially creating an import file for each team, versus creating an organization file when many of our teams practice at the same time and location. 

Any ideas, SE? Is this a known issue with a resolution, or something new?

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Thanks for the great detail in your feedback. You're right that there appears to be a bug on the Team Schedule where it is displaying RSVP capability for both of your sons rather than just the son who is rostered on the team that you are looking at.

Thank You for bringing this to our attention so we can fix this bug!

As for the confusion on the main (multi-team, multi-org) schedule its a bit more complicated. Right now we filter it down as to not duplicate events on the schedule - but when we display the event card in the context of just one of your son's teams it is a bit confusing. We have some technical limitations on this one but we'll certainly think through your use case and see what we can come up with for a solution.

Thanks again for the great detail and stay tuned - we'll get this fixed just as soon as we can!

Brad Holmgren
SportsEngine | 807 Broadway St NE | Suite 300 | Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Thanks Brad. 

This org is unique in that almost all the teams practice on a pretty regular schedule, mostly at the same time and place, so it was easier for me to create one event and then just tag a dozen teams. 

Going forward, if you guys are limited technically, what I can do is just duplicate those rows in my import template for each team. So instead of creating one practice event and then tagging 12 teams, I'll duplicate that event 12 times and just tag one team per row. 

My guess is SE will see each row as a unique event and they'll show up independent of each other in the mobile app, which is what I'd prefer. And it's not really that much more work up front. 
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