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I have been struggling with the automatic invite feature of SE for a while now. Sometime ago SE changed the system so that when you add a game to a schedule it automatically sends out invites to every player on the roster. Likewise if you add a new player to a team after a game has been added then it automatically invites that player to the game. I understand this makes it convenient for organizations that only roster those players that play each game; however, our club does not work this way.

In our soccer club we have many more players on each roster than will be invited to each game on the schedule. For this reason we must send out each invite one at a time based on who is to be invited to each game. 

The automatic invite feature prevents us from using the upload form for adding the schedule. If we use it every player gets an invite we have to cancel each invite before they respond. The only real way we have found to add games to the schedule is to add them one at a time. When adding the game we must un-select each player on the roster. This is not hard to do for a few games but we have over 350 kids in the club and 150+ games.. so that is over 50,000 check marks we have to un-check to prevent invites from not going out. 

Does anyone out there experience the same issue? What have you done about it? I have suggested to SE they make this a configurable setting. Then clubs that like auto-invites can have them and those that do not can turn them off. I have been contacting them every season for at least the past 2 years. I can't seem to make any progress. 

If anyone has a great idea please let me know. 

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