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I am struggling with the feature of SportsEngine to automatically send out invites to every player on a roster. I really wish this was a configurable setting and we could turn the invites on or off. 

The issue is we roster more kids on a team then will be invited to each game on a schedule. This is just how the soccer club works. I believe many other soccer clubs also work this way but I don't know for sure. Due to this when we put a game on the schedule I then have to go manually un-check every player for the invite to not go out. When the club was small it was not big deal but now that we have 350+ kids and 150+ games to put on the schedule that is 50,000+ check marks I have un-do one at a time. 

This feature also prevents us from using any of the automatic schedule upload tools. If we use them then we have to go cancel all the invites one at a time. We typically can't get that done before someone has responded and then you can't cancel it. Cancelling it also confused parents so its best if the invite never goes out. 

I am open to any suggestions! Does anyone else have this issue?

I do understand club and organizations were complaining originally that the system did not send out invites automatically. Their assumption was a roster would on contain those players invited to every game. This was an incorrect assumption and now it is an issue for us. 

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