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Ben Schaum

Junior Member
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We send out invoices separate from when players register - it could be their registration fee or other fees during the year, like for tournament.  When we send out an invoice to our parents, there are 4 outcomes:
  1. The parent pays the bill.
  2. The parent pays part of the bill and we credit the remainder of the bill for some reason; we try to document that reason in the option when we credit the bill.
  3. The bill was issued in error for some reason and we void the bill.
  4. The parent never pays the bill.
In that last scenario, I am wondering how other clubs mark that bill so it is easy to identify so we can write it off as a loss.  I would void the bill, but I would like to be able to differentiate it from the bills we issue in error and there is no comment allowed when you void the bill.  It would be great if there was an option to write off the bill - does anything like that exist that I am missing?

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