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Hi SE Community,

This is our league's 3rd year with SE and we are very pleased.  However I've run into an issue I can't figure out--how to create a 2nd subseason that copies a prior season's subseason. 

We have a fall and a spring league, with the teams in the fall being different than the teams in the spring.  Let's say I have 4 fall teams and 7 spring teams, each in their own subseasons (cleverly called "Fall" and "Spring") for the "2018-19 Season."  When I create the "2019-20 Season" and copy the "Fall" subseason from 2018-19 as a new subseason in 2019-20, it works great--I get last year's Fall teams in the new subseason.

But then what I want to do is create a "Spring" subseason in the "2019-20" Season that copies the teams from the "Spring" subseason in "2018-19."  But unfortunately when I go into the "create subseason" link in the brand new "2019-20" season, the only subseason I can copy from is the Fall 2019-20 subseason!  There are promising links suggesting that I could maybe "import metadata" to populate a newly created season with teams rather than using the limited "copy subseason" function, but I have found no instructions in the SE database on how to do that, and my experiments in using it haven't worked.

Any ideas on this?  We can't be the only league where the subseasons don't have the same teams ...


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You should reach out to customer support team. Not sure why you are unable to do that and they could help you. 
Jim Dahline
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