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Hello, I am redesigning an academy website with custom source code and css in the <HEAD> section. I appreciate greatly if anyone could help me with custom CSS use. Everything works fine until I want to change a word or two in the text box. After that the CSS seems not being applied to the content/source code anymore. I would like a website administrator to be able to edit the text or pictures when they need to without loosing CSS. How to lock CSS with the page elements? I have already tried inline style and I got the same issue. What do I do wrong?

Here is the page address:

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Tell me where you are trying to do this. In the boxes on the front page, or in the header of the page? or where?

If it is the boxes on the front page, those may inherit from somewhere

Take a screenshot of what it looks like , and then what it looks like when you have it the way you want and I can try and help.

Remember if you use head css, that the page that you are changing is the only one that will have the css changes. Pages below that will not be effected.

Inline css affects all pages below and the page you put it on.

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