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Hello. I am currently in the process of uploading Dib game worker spots. We currently have 3 Dibs sessions available to our members-Concessions, Fundraising and Building & Maintenance. What I would like to do is to upload game worker(penalty box, announcer etc.) dib items under the Building & Maintenance Dibs Session but I would somehow like to enable or assign specific teams or groups to get first crack at claiming dibs for their own games. Once that team has had the chance to sign up for their own games I would like to be able to open up the unfilled spots to the rest of the association to sign up for. Is this possible? I tried creating Dib sessions just for the teams and their games but I was unsure if I could then incorporate the unfilled dibs items into the general B&M Dib Sessions. I tried doing pre-upload sign ups last year but that was very cumbersome and time consuming. Thank you!

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Looks like our support team already has emailed the answer/solution, but here it is for other folks who might want to do the same thing with Dibs:

"For each Dibs session, you can assign the session to particular groups or it will be teams in your case. Once these groups are added, within the "edit dib session" there is a setting labeled "Open Joining?". Select the option for "Users must be placed in the dib session by an admin" so only the members within your created group will be able to view and claim dibs within this session. Once you have reached the deadline for your teams to claim items, update the "Open Joining?" option to "Any user can join the dib session. User is joined to session upon claiming a dib item" so that it will open up to the rest of your association to claim the rest of the items.

I have attached a screenshot of where the "Open Joining?" options appear within the "edit dibs details" window."

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 1.21.43 PM.png 

Hope that helps!

- Loren


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Like that you can do this and plan on using it.  Is it also possible to create fixed fibs items automatically from an imported schedule from Diamond Scheduler?  For example, if I want to create 3 concession dibs items at the same time as every game on a schedule, can SE generate that for me? If I can do this, then I can use the aforementioned solution to assign certain games to certain teams/groups of people.
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