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New to the forum and apologies if this has been answered.  It seems embarrassingly simple yet even the SE chat support didn't see a clean way to set it up.

I feel like we have pretty basic (and common?) conditions/requirements/needs as a family for using Sports Engine that the system doesn't seem to support.
1.  Two parent household
2.  Multiple kids each on their own team
3.  Parent (me) needs to see all teams and all kids under my account for billing purposes and calendar purposes.  (this works, I see all the kids teams and events on my account and on the app).
4.  Kids need to see ONLY their OWN team information.  Kid #1 should only get reminder emails but in fact she gets reminder emails for her sister's games and practices as well.  In her profile section, I have notifications for her team set to go to her email and mine only.  Same for her two sister's team, yet they all get notification emails for each other.
5.  The app.  Same story.  Each child should be able to login to the app as themselves using their own email and see ONLY their OWN team info.  Sports Engine tells me that the kids have to login to the app using my account (which means they see their siblings game/practice info, defeating the basic requirement) OR they have to create their own account (in which case billing goes to their accounts, which means as a parent I have to manage three logins and three different billing screens).
It seems there should be a simple solution to this.  I can't believe it's really this complicated but I know others have struggled with it too.  I contacted Sports Engine today via chat and this is what they tell me.  I'm hoping there is a tutorial or known method for this scenario:

1) Parents see all (two email addresses), control all, single billing page
2) Kid see ONLY their individual team information.  They ONLY receive emails for their team.  They ONLY see info for their team on the app.

This seems like a pretty basic requirement for a lot of families.


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Let me take a stab at this, and I'm going to go on a few assumptions.

First, I'm going to assume that Dad, Mom, Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3 are all set up with Dad (account), Mom (account), Kid 1/2/3 as profiles under Dad's Account. Since Dad can see everything, it sounds like that is how it's set up.

If you want the kids to be able to login to the app on their own, to view their own information, you can have them create their own accounts, and then add them as a guardian to each of their profiles. This ensures that as a parent, you'll still have control over their athlete profiles for billing purposes, and also ensures you receive all communications that they receive. This DOES NOT mean they have to take ownership for billing purposes since the athlete profiles live under your account. 

If you wouldn't mind, email your SportsEngine username to me jim at sportsengine dot com and I'll take a look at how you are set up. 

Jim Dahline
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