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My Club has three teams.  (yes only three my life is so easy! [smile])  In the new way of doing things if I want to create a new event that gets the RSVP/Push that is going to all three teams (the entire club) I have to send it out three times through Manage My Team because events there are by Team there rather than by Tag.  If I create the event via Calendar I can Tag many teams but no push/email RSVP gets sent that way.  


Within my Club I created a new Team called Rocky Club and I rostered everyone onto it from all three teams.  (had to allow for rostering on multiple teams) 

Now... when adding a new Event through Manage My Team I choose Rocky Club and then it blasts out RSVP email/push to everyone at once.  Club meetings, fundraisers, all team practice, anything you want to send to everyone at once.  Super great too for before tryouts when you don’t have your Spring teams rostered yet like us.  

Then I go back into the Calendar on the Website and Edit the event from there because there I can still Tag all over the place but it doesn't send Push/Email which is good because I don't want people getting Event Changed etc pushes.   The Event will now appear on whatever Team pages I want it to appear on both on the website and the mobile app.  Division pages too on the website if you tag those.  Wherever you tag it goes. 

SUPER COOL is that on the App they can RSVP from any team they are on and it will set that RSVP for all the other teams they are rostered on.  Like right now my son is on Winter Wall Ball team and also on this Rocky Club.  He RSVP'd at the Rocky Club team and then the Winter Wall Ball team RSVP turned to YES.  Wow so cool!  

Maybe every knows this but me  but I haven't seen it anywhere on the forum or anywhere so I wanted to share because it actually works really well!  

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