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How have others setup LL All-Stars within SE?  New Sub-Season or just add the AS teams to the regular season?  What about opponents?  Just create a tournament league and put the other league teams in there?
Coach Carl

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After working with teams and season for a while and working to address all of the vague issues that are required for All-Stars...  The method that I've come up with for our league (Benicia Little League - is the following:

1) Setup an All Star Commitment registration
2) Setup a new League for the All Stars
3) Setup each League team (e.g. 9-10, 10-11, 11-12, etc) in the league with the proper team name.
4) Setup dummy teams for each of the districts that our teams will face in the first section of the tournament (for LL this is Districts)

This allows me to manage rosters, roster publication (Little League does not allow publication till 6/1), games, as well handle "rostering" from the app. Here is a brief run down setup and the rational for each.

1) All Star Commitment Registration

The first reason for using a registration is to gather commitments from the parents and players to a) volunteer, and b) commit to making practices and games. This ensures the players selected will actually be able to participate fully. In the past this was done via phone call by the Player Agent, but that would start the juices flowing with expectations that - since the family was contacted by the league - the player was selected to the team.

Needless to say - there was a significant amount of backlash to the league and the Player Agent not to mention the time it takes to call 200 player families, and manually track the commitments.

SE makes this process simple. The registration will couch the commitment (time frame, what is required, etc.), and ensure the players not be on vacation or have other circumstances that would prevent them from participating fully. A bonus is gathering the parents signature for behavior, and commitment to volunteer for the tournament.

2) Setup A New League for All-Stars

While its possible to make a sub-season, it turned out to be simpler to manage a separate league for all stars to allow use of:

- Rostering from a Registration
- Separate News and Information for the distinct All-Star families
- Separate Games and Game Schedule
- Ability to leverage the SE App for league communications as well as Team communications and RSVP's

3) Setup League All-Star Teams

With their separate rosters, each team needs a page to support them throughout the season.

Initially the team pages are disabled to allow the Player Agent to roster the selected players on their teams while keeping the roster un-published until the official publication date. This avoids the last minute hassle of trying to post the rosters as you merely need to change each team to Public status for the rosters to be published.

Tip: if your league is like ours and wants the public at large to know who the players are... add a Roster Widget to the team page!

4) Setup District (outside of league) All-Star Teams

The sole purpose of the outside of league teams is to allow games to be created and tracked on the website and in the app. To that end, I don't create separate age teams for each of the leagues. Standings don't matter and it's a single league so.. just one team for each outside league in our district, and use those names to create the games for example:

Benicia 10-11's vs. St. Helena
Benicia 13-14's vs. St. Helena

St. Helena is the same team, but because we're not tracking standings it does not matter.

Bonus - as teams advance you only need to add those new teams (disabled teams) that are necessary. For us we would add outside district teams for Sectionals

Extra - Sub-Seasons, Publishing, and Roster Widgets

By using a separate League, we're able to keep the All-Stars league page around and use the Public, Private, and Disabled status for the league page to control when All-Stars is and is not visible.

The league page remains on the site (disabled) until our All-Star program begins with the Commitment Registration. We create a new sub-season so that rosters are ready, create the Commitment Registration, and publish the main league page.

In the background the League is managing the player selection process, and once a team as been selected, the Player Agent uses rostering to add the players while separately the V.P. or President is adding the team staff.

Once the publication date has been reached (for Little League is is 6/1 by rule), our website team merely changes the team page status to Public and All-Stars are in full swing with players announced, games, etc.

A note on Roster Widgets: Our league prefers to have all of the All-Star rosters published in one place - that place being the All-Star league page. The roster widget works great for this but... we have the All-Star league page published before the rosters are announced. What we do is create two separate Layout Containers - each one with three rosters (we have 6 All-Star teams). We then move the layout containers to an area of the website that is for league staff only (non-public).

On the publication date we not only make the All-Star team pages public, but also move the two layout containers with the roster widgets to the league page.


After a lot of trial and error - we've found that this is the best method for All-Stars as it provides all of the value of the SE App and website while allowing the process of team selection, rostering, and publication to move independently within the constraints of Little League's publication rules.

I hope this helps with your All-Star processes.
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