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Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but my images (photos and graphics) are not as sharp and clear when I upload them to my site as they are on my PC.  They are for the most part .PNG or .JPG format.  Does SN apply compression to these images that are causing the degradation in quality?  Are there compression guidelines we should follow (i.e. image file size)  prior to uploading so the compression is not done on your side?  As an example, check out the image attached to this post and compare it to what you see on my home page at

Also, is there a good method for overlaying text on an image?  I am doing this today with Photoshop, but again, the text is much duller and not near as crisp as I would like it to be when I view it online.


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Hi gwipper,

Yes, in general, Sitebuilder will automatically re-size an image to fit the particular container or area in which it is placed. So, for optimal quality, it is best to try to size the image for an exact fit. 

Here's an article I wrote about this a while back: Be sure to display photos with care

In the example you provided, your image size is 1024 x 438 px. Best I can tell, after inspecting the page, is the optimal size of that image would be 1265 x 400 px. Loading it at that size should provide more sharpness.

As for overlaying text on an image, what you have done looks good to me. Properly sizing the image should also help with the clarity of the text.

- Loren

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One other thing to keep in mind here. We support SVG for any graphical elements. If you use these (they are vector) they will ALWAYS be high quality since they are designed to scale to any size without loss of resolution. Our recommendation would be anything that is not a photo be created as an SVG

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