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I helped with the site for a soccer organization
Our Uniform coordinator has a hard time keeping up with the jersey number assigned to each player

I see there is a field for Jersey Number in the Registration; however, if I assigned that player to a team that Jersey Number does not show up in the Roster Players Profile?

Is Ngin going to link those? so we dont have to duplicate efforts to maintain a Jersey Number in the Registration as well as in the Roster

Another issue is IF I have manually added the Jersey Number to the Roster Player Profile and IF I changed that Player - using Rostering Tool moving the player from One Team to another or if I changed the Team Name and do the Reassignment in Rostering Tool from old team to the new team THEN the Jersey Number goes blank again...

It looks like some work needs to be done so the Jersey Number - either entered by the Parent during Registration or Updated by an Admin-  stays in sync for that Player Profile whatever that Jersey Number field is available

I would appreciate any tips on how this can be handled or/if when this can be improved

David Urbaniak

Training & Platform Specialist
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Thank you for your comment. It's recommend to use the registration to ask your registrant which jersey number would they prefer to have (1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice), instead of assigning them jersey numbers on the registration session. With that information you can provide a registration report to your Uniform Coordinator. When the player's are fully rostered, player numbers can then be assigned based upon what was requested, on a per team, per season basis on the player's tab in Sport Management.

Jersey Numbers are tied to a player on a certain team, not on an over account basis, so moving a player off a team will remove the number, since if they were placed on a different team that number could be taken. Jersey Numbers also don't follow players because if you have John & Joe with both using the number 7 on different teams this year, next year they could potentially be on the same team.

These are valid points for improvements and we will take them in to consideration. We’re also about to release some updates to add custom information to the roster player’s area on team pages, so stay tuned.


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I know this post is really old at this point, but I was curious as to whether there was any update to this. We have a need to "permanently" attach jersey numbers to a player as well. We have tryouts every season so that the player may be on a different team, but their jersey number would remain the same (unless we give them another jersey, in which case we would update the number in the system). Right now I'm having to look at the previous season(s) number and copy it over manually to the new season. With 300 kids in the program, this takes a significant amount of time. Is there a better way of doing this? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I'll jump on this as well. We're a club team where once a child chooses a number, that's "HIS" number for however long he's in our program. And I'd like to see the same functionality for position. I'm sure the programming behind the scenes is complicated because a player's profile can be used on any number of organization SE websites, but every season, multiple times per year, our back office has to go in and add position and jersey number to every player. It's tedious and there has to be another way. 

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I agree with others RE jersey numbers staying assigned to specific players. I manage uniforms for our program, and I currently use a spreadsheet to track things because SportsEngine does not "keep" jersey numbers for players. I spend a lot of time ensuring we do not have overlaps in jersey numbers year to year, team to team, and I need to reassign all jersey numbers every year once I roster players, even if they've been playing in our program year after year. I wish there was a better way.
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