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Is there a way for coaches to send a message with attachments? This is our 2nd season with SE so I apologize in advance if it's mentioned somewhere and I missed it.

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Not in the traditional way, no. Not the way gmail/hotmail/etc do. 

There are two ways I instruct my coaches to send files, and it depends on how they are emailing:

1 - If they are using Team Center (aka Manage Team from their team page), then they are limited to sending plain text emails. For them to include a document, they'd need to add the document to their team page, then send a link to that document from inside the plain text email. 

2 - If you give them access to the Admin Panel, where they can create 'Page Layout' emails, they can include the document as a page element. 90% of my coaches don't have this functionality, but some of my coaches who are board members do. 

Hope that helps. 

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The team page recommendation is pretty popular since it gives a place to store documents in case they lose the email. 

I'd add a third option that I use. You can add the document to dropbox (or similar) and share the link in the email. An advantage here is that if you need to update the file, you can simply update it and when the recipient clicks on the link to get the document, they always are getting the most up to date version. 

Jim Dahline
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