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Hello - 

I'm a coach and director for our community's softball program. I ran into an interesting problem a parent is having that I wasn't able to resolve and wondering if anyone else has run into this before.

The parent is using the mobile app and she has 2 kids playing on two different teams. When she views one team, the schedule shows up just fine from both the schedule area and under the team page.

On the 2nd team, the schedule doesn't show up and when she clicks into the team page, the "Schedule" option doesn't show up.

I have access to the same team and I can view the schedule just fine from the mobile app. Wondering if anyone knows what would cause this and how to help resolve her issue.


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It sounds like the schedule that is not showing on the parent's Mobile App may be set to private on the website. Would you mind providing the link or name of the team that is not showing the schedule on the Mobile App for the parent? I am more than happy to take a look at it to see if we can get it figured out!

If a Team page is set to private or disabled on the website, it may not show up to parents who are viewing it on the mobile app. You would be able to see it if you have admin permissions for the site. 

Marie Fitzgerald
Product Marketer - Teams & Families
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