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I did a survey for Sports Engine today and my response to the survey is below. Curious if there are others that agree with me or have a different viewpoint on this.

"Not at all pleased, and actually perturbed by the new "Programs" release. We already subscribe to sitebuilder, which we use to provide all the information prospective parents need in order to determine if our club is right for them. Google and other search engines already do a great job of bringing traffic to our site. Combined with our other marketing channels like Facebook, and outdoor media, we did not have any problems attracting "leads". Now, SE has created what is essentially a second site we need to maintain - it is redundant and causes an already strapped volunteer organization more work to maintain. We have very strong positioning on Google results in our area, and I feel with this release, we are now on equal competitive footing with any other clubs that happen to use SE. Our competitive advantage of being a well organized, well marketed organization is being undermined by our software vendor. Additionally, as a platform for parents to find youth sports organizations is virtually unknown. So the only way this will even bring us any traffic is through a gigantic ad campaign from NBCSports, or by SE outperforming us on SERP. I don't like the idea of our software vendor spending money and resources to essentially outrank us - just so traffic can be sent to our "Programs" page instead of the website we paid money to build with Sitebuilder in the first place! I would rather those resources be devoted to improving the core functionality and sport management capabilities."

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Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your message; we do appreciate the feedback. I can totally understand your concern. I'm on the board for a local lacrosse association and we also put a lot of time into making sure that people looking for lacrosse in Minneapolis end up at our website and playing with our association!

The nice thing about the youth sports directory at is it is really not a competitor in the search space. Parents who know what they are looking for will go directly to Google and search. They'll type in lacrosse in Minneapolis (and find us first).

The market this directory fills is for those parents who aren't really sure what they are looking for.

Think of it like the for sports. Many people that visit don't know exactly what type of car they are looking for, they just know their budget is $10,000, it must be a 2010 or newer, and it must be within 50 miles. Trying to find a car that way in Google is nearly impossible; it's the same with a sports program. For example, a mom that knows that she is looking for a summer program for her son who is 10 years old that is in their zip code can't go to google and input that information; it just returns non-sensical results.

What does is provide a way for parents to browse and discover a program that they may not known existed, while Google helps parents find something more specific. We see as a complimentary tool to search–it allows you to capture people that didn't know who you were or what they were looking for.

As the Communications Director for Minneapolis Lacrosse, I will continue to optimize our association in search results for those people who know what they want, but we'll also make sure we have detailed programs set up so that the casual browser can find us too.




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