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  • When viewing sent Payment Requests (Invoices) from PowerPay, we've implemented a new view for the 'Payment Request Detail' and 'Bill Detail' pages. New features include:
  1. On the Payment Request Details page, an at a glance view of 'Funds Collected' and 'Bills Paid in Full'  Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.56.49 PM.png 
  2. On the Payment Request Details page, a searchable view of all bills in a payment request
  3. On the Bill Details page, a more detailed breakdown of all bill activity  Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 2.03.27 PM.png 
  • We've also updated several areas of PowerPay, including:
  1. Improvements to the Activity Report to ensure statuses are aligned and consistent when exporting
  2. Improvements to the PowerPay header to include deeper breakdown of Open Bills, Outstanding Amount, Past Due Open Bills, Past Due Outstanding Amount and Total Collected of Total Billed
  3. Introduced YTD calculations on PowerPay header (currently Jan - Dec)
  4. Ability to sort by 'Account Nickname' when managing your organizations bank accounts
  5. Ability to sort by 'Type' and 'Status' on the 'Transactions' screen

  • SE registration is now live in production. Any webmaster with a registration program can import their teams, rosters and divisions into TourneyMachine
  • Brackets have been updated to now show seeding, display the originating pools of the teams in the brackets and director's can see bracket previews before pushing live
  • Pitch counts can now be viewed by team or by game. Previously it was only by date. And the tool got a design make-over
  • Refund receipts are now sent to customers


  • Notes associated with complexes and facilities now appear in the app
  • SI Play has been updated on iOS to display ads on the feed and on the schedule. Android is now live as well

TeamCenter & Mobile
  • This sprint we finished up work on SportsEngine Mobile 5.10 which brings Chat into the Global Nav, and updates the names/icons for the other nav items.
  1. "Favorites" is now "Teams"
  2. "Chats" has been added
  • Android is now out to 100% of GA
  • iOS has begun rolling out and will be out to 100% GA by end of week



Jim Dahline
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