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  1. Launched the Tourney Scheduler Beta to all users.  Use the new Scheduling feature to autoschedule your entire tournament in minutes.  For more details, see
  2. Launched the Ice Hockey Penalty Report to export a report of all the penalties in your hockey league.  For more details, see
  1. Fixed issue that caused standings in Tourney to not regenerate correctly
  2. Fixed issue in Tourney that caused the Player Details page to not load and players to not show in the Assign Players page
Member Management
  1. Updated filtering experience in Members to be cleaner, simpler, and all-around better.
  2. For Kyck, added a feature to help indicate player profile data that is missing when requesting a card.
  1. Fixed performance issue when sending a message in Members. So so much better.
  2. Fixed layout of the State drop-down in registration to be much easier to use.
----------------------------------------- Accounts
  1. Featured USA Swimming events on our homepage and on the USA Swimming page on

TeamCenter/SportsEngine Mobile App
  1. Completed Next Gen Messaging in TeamCenter. Will enable feature flag once Prod smoke testing is complete
  2. Updated iOS global navigation to match standard iOS behavior
  3. Completed App Version 5.13 for iOS. Awaiting approval by Apple. Features include:
  • New Fan UI that more clearly communicates non-roster member's connection to their favorited teams
  • Option to choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps (if installed) for game/event directions
  1. Fixed a bug on Android where users were still receiving push notifications for teams they have unfavorited/removed from their chats list
  2. Fixed a bug on Android where Schedule data would sometimes appear as NULL on first login

Jim Dahline

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Thanks for posting Jim. 

What's the relationship between the SE Tournament setup functionality and TourneyMachine? I am just starting a new venture with some business partners outside of my normal non-profit work, and we'll be hosting tournaments. Already have the SE shell up and doing the design work now. But starting to get into the tournament setup. We want to be all-SE, and looks like the Tournament stuff is exactly what we want (scheduling, etc). But we also want to enable TourneyMachine for our families. I know you own both but haven't for curious how it all dovetails together. 

I reached out to Andrew Brauer this morning as well. 
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