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  1. Tourney users can now switch between all organizations they are a member of using the header bar within Tourney.  This makes it easier to manage multiple organizations.
  1. Fixed temporary issue that caused Tourney team and player import to fail
  2. Improved system performance of Tourney schedule creation.
  3. Code optimization to allow faster page loads 
Member Management

  1. Fixed Import/Export bugs in KYCK
  1. When sending PowerPay invoices, admins will now receive an email if 1 or more invoices were undeliverable indicating who did not receive the invoice. 
  2. For UK customers, we've improved the messaging on the 'Document' field to include valid file formats as well as minimum and maximum upload size. 
  1. Fixed an issue where paying past due invoices, viewing invoices and sending reminders in PowerPay were temporarily unavailable.
  1. Completed waivers will remain within the system for up to 90 days. This allows for Tournament Directors to reference submitted and completed waivers up to 90 days past their expiration date. This is super helpful for house keeping after a tournament is completed.
  2. The Tourney Machine Mobile application hides rosters now, just as the public results pages do. This allows rosters to be submitted and collected, but remain hidden from those who are not directors or coaches.
TeamCenter/SportsEngine Mobile App

  1. Fixed a bug on iOS where the wrong thumbnail image was sometimes displayed when an image is sent into a Chat conversation
  2. Fixed a bug on iOS where chat channels were not being properly removed when the user was removed from a team
  3. Fixed a bug on iOS where the in-app ratings prompt was not being reset properly upon tapping outside of the prompt
  4. Fixed a bug on Android where users would receive push notifications of new chat messages, but could not view the message within the chat channel

Jim Dahline
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