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  • Within PowerPay, the 'Due Date' and 'Description' fields on payment requests can now be edited. From the Payment Request details page, you'll now see an edit icon allowing you to edit the Due Date and Description fields for all bills in your request at once (screen shot attached).


  • We improved the workflow for setting payout accounts for your organization. Once your first bank account is approved, it will automatically be set as the default payout account. Once 2+ bank accounts are approved, you will be able to set the payout account from the Settings→Bank Accounts tab within BackOffice.
  • For UK Customers, within PowerPay we adjusted the processor settings date picker to read Month, Day, Year.
  • Within the Processor Settings form, we added help text to further explain what the 'Ownership Percentage' field means. 
  • For UK customers, within the Transaction detail screens of BackOffice, we fixed a bug where the 'Show More' link was displaying when it should not have been. The 'Show More' and 'Show Less' links will now appear correctly.


  • We've added additional information the public results page. Now, if City and State is collected for a team, that is now displayed. This is extremely helpful for larger tournaments where multiple teams in various divisions could share the same team name.
  • If a user has the permission, they can now post pitch counts from the web app. Since games are typically scored on mobile devices, allowing pitch counts to be added makes Directors lives even simpler
  • We provide even more customization to our Directors now. If you would like to hide rosters or hide bracket games from your game list, you can within General > Advanced Settings.

Member Management  
  • Fixed an issue with the profile image not updating right away. It now has a clear understanding of timing expectations.



  • Updated the UI of date fields in Registration Advanced Filters so that the whole date can be seen when "in between" is used
  • Moved Keyword Search into the Rostering header so rosters can be searched with one click
  • Corrected issues with our Beta Tournament AutoScheduler including
    • Restrictions and stage settings not saving
    • Various IE11 issues
  • Fixed issue with responsive radio buttons on registrations not appearing as selected in Firefox
  • Fixed a schedule upload bug that caused teams to be uploaded as 'TBD'
  • Fixed an issue where user received error on uploading Club Teams template.
  • Fixed an issue where birthdate ranges were not visible when using the "inbetween" advanced filter logic.


  • Completed the Team Landing Page redesign, and rolled out 5.11 to 100% of Android and iOS users. Learn More about 5.11

  • Fixed layout issues on iOS when creating a new game with a TBD time
  • Fixed a bug in iOS chat image gallery where images were being repeated upon swiping through images in full screen mode
  • Fixed a chat layout bug on iPhone 5c and iPads
  • Fixed a crash on Android when viewing chat image gallery

Jim Dahline
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