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  • Released Payment Terms and Plans in PowerPay to all US customers.

    • You can view a 5 minute training video here. This video will walk you through how to create Payment Terms, how to send an invoice with Payment Terms and editing dates and amounts of installments within an invoice. 

    Added more activities to our Invoice Activity log and added an Adjustment History log to each installment within an invoice. 

    • From the invoice details page, you can now see all actions (payments, reminders, credits, etc.) that have occurred on an invoice.
    • From the invoice details page, you'll now see an Adjustment History log outlining any dollar amount adjustments that have been made on installment, when the adjustment was made and who made the adjustment

  • Fixed an issue where a voided PowerPay bill was displaying as 'Unpaid' instead of 'Voided'



  • Fixed an issue with shared schedules that caused team-specific events to erroneously show on league schedules
  • Crossover games setting is now correctly applied in Tourney


Member Management  
  • Made updates to the "Add Person" modal within BackOffice that includes the ability to collect additional information on people. 
  • We have added a Profile Status column within "Edit Columns" in Members. This column is optional to add at this time and provides the Profile Status of Members. The status options are:
    • Claimed: a profile that has claimed their SportsEngine invite.
    • Pending: a profile that has a pending SportsEngine invite. This invite can be resent or canceled.
    • Invited: a profile that has been added to SportsEngine, but is missing an email address, so no invite has been sent yet.


  • Released the TeamCenter Chat capability to all teams.

    The following features will be deployed in the SEM Patch version once the sprint is complete:

    • Updated some logic on the iOS Game/Event Detail page to pre-fetch RSVP data and thus load the team RSVPs faster
    • Added a modal to the Android Team Page to confirm that the user intends to unfavorite the team when the favorite star is tapped on one of the teams in their favorites

  • Fixed a bug with the UserFavorites API that caused the Teams List to sometimes 504 and not load
  • Fixed an API bug where Invites were sometimes not being created on schedule upload for solo teams

The following bugs will be deployed in the SEM Patch version once the sprint is complete:

  • Fixed a bug on iOS and Android where users were receiving push notifications for newly added photos despite only having Fan access and thus no access to the photo gallery
  • Fixed a bug on Android where un-rostered team members were still seeing the unread messages dot in the global nav when messages were sent into a team channel they previously had access to
  • Fixed a bug for users on Android 9+ where the "To:" section of Messages does not provide a dropdown to access the roster to send messages to members of the team.

-------------------------- Accounts
  • Launched the Youth Olympic Games takeover on highlighting 10 different sports featured during the two week event. 
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to merge a sub-profile into their main profile. 

Jim Dahline
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