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Hi, new to SE so I apologize in advance if this has already been covered.

I'm an admin for a basketball club that has tournament and non-tournament teams. I plan on using the non-monetary registration feature to collect information from parents/players after rosters are determined. For those on a tournament team, we require more information and data than for those that aren't. Is there a way to have conditional fields that show if the player is on a tournament team, without them having to answer a question in the registration? At this point, the system knows what team the player is on, as they will already have been placed on a roster prior to accessing this 'registration'.

So for example, Johnny is on Team A (tournament), and Billy is on Team B (non-tournament). When Johnny's parent goes into this registration system, they should see the questions for tournament waivers. When Billy's parent goes into the registration system, they won't see the tournament waiver questions. This is based on their existing team information already in the system, and not a question they needed to answer. Is this possible?
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