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SE Profile Questions currently has:

Athlete 1 Phone 1, Athlete 1 Phone 3  and Athlete 1 Email 1, Athlete 1 Email 2

Create another set of Phone and Email for a third contact person to be saved into the SE Profile.  

Useful because

1) player contact info for high school teams who need to message their players and their parents will be saved in player profile where it should be auto saved.  

1) player and the two parents/guardians info will all be saved from registration to registration.  

2) All three  show up in Settings in the Player Profile - with Player info first, then Parent1, then Parent 2. 
Add two new SE Profile Questions is all we need you to do.  It's not even a new idea.  
Just two additional questions.  

So SE experts how do we get this done?

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