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Is there a way to limit permissions to Admin functionality such as Registration to read only? For instance we have the need to allow certain people to use our registration area to send emails to registration groups however we do not want them to have admin capabilities on the registrations

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This is what I did as a work around (one of many I seem to have to do!)  

Under our website’s Registration tab, I made sub-pages for each team (or program).  This page is set as PRIVATE and VIEW ONLY under the permissions tab.  If the person you are providing the list as other access they can access the player’s registration.

Then under each sub-page I set up one sub-sub-page.  This page will be the email page and is set to PRIVATE with and the user will have OWNER privileges.  

  Registration Subpages 1.jpg  Registration Subpages 2.jpg 


Sub-page under Registration - List of registrations

Permissions Tab 

(Private and View Only)

Registration Subpages 3.jpg 

Content Tab

In the Layout Container Add a Page Element:  Survey Report.  This lets you create a report (list) of registered players that updates automatically as players register. You pick what fields are visible and in what order, and if it is exportable into excel or not, plus a lot of other options.  (Search Survey Report in the Help Center)

Registration Subpages 4.jpg 


Sub-Sub Page EMAILS:

Permissions Tab:

(Private - Users are Owners) 

  Registration Subpages 5.jpg 

Content Tab: 

We were new to SE last season so I put the email instructions on the Content Tab:

  Registration Subpages 6.jpg 

Group Tab:

Create a New Group Filtered by the registration and active.  The user(s) can then email the registered players from the Group Tab.
Registration Subpages 7.jpg 


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