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Question on the best practice on how to cleanly transition the team pages from one season to another. We run a recreational youth soccer program and when a season ends (this fall for example), we no longer have any need to retain any of the teams, rosters, schedules, etc... associated with that season. None of the teams carry forward, and players will all be assigned to new teams next season. When we begin the following season we basically start from scratch with the exception of the age divisions. When we create the new season and choose the option to "start from scratch" (can't remember the exact option) We get a new season but all the teams from the previous season are still active both in the rostering list from registration, and in the mobile apps. To keep it clean, we basically go through and delete every team one-by-one before we create the new season. Was just wondering if others have a different approach or if there are thoughts on adding a "reset to day one" type of button??? 

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Best practice is going to be dependent on a few things. But i'll address items you mentioned:

1) Old teams are still active in the list for rostering. A feature I'd like to see changed, and I know it's in the discussion in the IDEAS portal. (my association has 80+ teams so it can get annoying when rostering). 
2) If you disable a team, it won't show in the mobile app any longer. This is relatively new so you may not have noticed.

Jim Dahline

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Does the ability to "disable a team" still exist? There are many reasons why an admin no longer wants to see inactive teams. One prime example is when creating a new subseason.
Transitioning from the regular season to the post-season is one of the clunkiest processes I have used thus far. I select "Copy Subseason" for my data source, but when the time comes to actually copy the teams, I can't filter by current season. I see all my teams from past seasons and if they have the same sponsor (same team name) I can't tell which one is the right one to copy.
I've archived old registrations. I've made old seasons/subseasons inactive. But all the old teams still show up. There should be a way to archive or disable a team, or if not, be able to filter by season in all instances. In the rostering example you give below, I can filter by season. Very useful.
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