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I know I can go into each team page and set the roster to private for that team using the Tool Settings. But I have around 20 teams. Before I do the same thing 20 times, is there a setting anywhere that will set the rosters to private (ie, logged in members of that team and webmasters are the only ones who can see) for the entire site? 


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Great question - if your teams are set up under a League or if they are set up under our new Club Teams tool, you should be able to control the roster settings for all of the teams at the highest level. It makes it easy to update any of your roster settings just 1 time instead of having to go into each of the 20 teams and make the updates. The settings are controlled the same way for the League or Club level as they are for the Teams.
Marie Fitzgerald
Product Marketer - Teams & Families
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