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Who else is using the back-end connection to validate US Lacrosse IDs? Just would like to connect with folks to hear your experience. 

We use it and not a week goes by without me having to help 5-7 families get through our registrations. Sometimes it's their error, but more often than not, it's some unexplainable thing that fixes itself the next day, or it's something that US Lacrosse has to handle on their end by way of a phone call. I'm sort of at the end of my rope here. Just curious if I'm the only one. 

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Mark here from YETI Lacrosse in Chicago.

I did a lot of work this summer with the USL integration as we were implementing it for the first time in our club of over 500 players.

A couple of lessons that I learned that are VERY important to making it a smooth operation.

1. There is a VERY SPECIFIC question block that must be added to the registration using only the SportsEngine USL block that they provide.  It uses very specific fields, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY FIELD NAMES, to communicate with USL to verify.

2. It is IMPERATIVE that the users enter the EXACT same email, zip code and first and last name of the athlete as they used while registering on USL for an account. (WATCH FOR NICKNAMES like Jimmy or James)

3. There are several fields in the USL question block that are NOT supposed to be filled in by the user but are used to store the data that it brings back from USL. Do not enable these questions in the registration (i.e. use your own DOB and not the DOB that is included in the question block.

Once I figured out those three things, and enabled the link to USL where they could lookup their membership and the info that was on the USL website, I have been through 2 more registration sessions with USL integration and have had no more that 5 requests where they were not able to register. (mostly, like you said - from entering the wrong data)

Hope that helps

YETI Lacrosse

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Thanks for the reply Mark. 

When we started with SE in May 2018, I used a US Lacrosse registration template from SE. I typically duplicate registrations and so unless something has changed since then, I would hope we're using the right fields. And we've probably processed a couple thousand registrations in the 18 months we've been on SE with this organization, so it must be working in some capacity. But I just have way more than 5 issues each time we roll this out. 

What's also maddening is that I get a different answer about which fields need to match each time I look into this. 

  • SE's own documentation on the reg says first name, last name, dob, and zip code need to match. 
  • You're saying first name, last name, email, and zip code
  • I've chatted with SE support and been told it's a different combination of fields, only to challenge that and have the support rep tell me I was correct
  • And at least twice this year we've had a number of folks not be able to register only to discover the US Lacrosse engine is down temporarily. 
I'm currently battling a situation where I am unable to register a Canadian-born player (who goes to school in the US). I'm able to find his US Lacrosse ID using the US Lacrosse lookup page, but no combination of matching fields in SportsEngine allows him to proceed (even if I am diligent about first name, last name, zip, email, dob, etc). 

I'm sort of venting at this point but I probably spend more time on this than anything else I do as webmaster, and we're exploring possibly getting private insurance just so we can bypass this lookup. I was curious if I was alone on that. 

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I was in the same boat with our youth registration earlier this month.  Parents kept getting an error saying their player could not be found.  At one point, I was ready to just verify their USL numbers on my own later just so the registration could continue.  I took out that module for verifying valid USL numbers and just placed a simple question for inputting a 7 digit number and date of expiration for the parents to fill out.  However, the problem sorted itself out in a day without any warning.  For the verification process, first and last name, DOB and zip code were the critical data.  I had one parent who had unknowingly used the wrong DOB on creation of her player's USL account so we were getting errors when the correct birthdate was used for a subsequent registration.  That took me some time to figure out.  As for your Canadian-born player, perhaps you could create a special registration which bypasses the lookup and for documentation, have them forward you the email that USL sends them when they renew.
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