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I am certain I am overlooking something, but I have come across an issue I am hoping to get help on:
My site is (it's a league for 40+ youth football clubs in Wisconsin).   We switched to Sports Engine in 2015 and have been scoring games on SE since then.  

Each of our 40 clubs has teams (at least one and sometimes two) for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  So, here is how we have progressed from season to season in 2015 and 2016 (I took over as webmaster in late 2016).  I will use an example of one of our clubs - Brookfield Central (BC).  BC has a 6th grade team from the 2015 season.  So, in 2015 they played eight games.   Then...following this season the players on this team ALL became 7   th graders.   So, in 2016 this 2015 6th grade team's games were scored under the 7th grade team from 2015, and the 2016 8th grade team was scored under the 2015 8th grade team.   Hopefully you can see this method does not give us historical data on the performance of a team through all four years of the program.

Our standard going forward is this:   As each team progresses from season to season, we want their historical results and rosters to progress with them.  For example, the BC 7th grade team from 2016 will now be the BC 8th grade team for 2017.   Once a team finishes 8th grade we will no longer use that team's "profile" going forward but will instead have  a historical record of  how they did for all years in the program.

There is nothing I am going to do about the past, I just want to make sure we have a good standard going forward.   My thought is that each time we begin a new season we also have to change the name of the team from the previous season...i.e. BC (7) in 2016 becomes BC (8) in 2017, and the BC (8) from 2016 is retired.

Finally, my issue is this.  When I created a new season (2017) and I change the team's name from BC (7) to BC (8) and I add that team to my 2017 season, when I click on the season in the top right and hit the drop down it doesn't show any of the previous seasons.   Is that because of how I am setting it up as spelled out above or am I missing a step somewhere?

Sorry for the length of this message, but it appears to be quite complicated and I want to get this sorted out ASAP.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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If you want track and compile season-by-season statistics for a certain group of players, the way our leagues are set up today, you would need to keep the team name the same from year to year.

As an example, some organizations just go by birth year and will name that group something like 2008 Panthers or '08 Panthers. The team would then be moved from division to division as it ages up.

I've asked a couple of our league experts to take a look at your question and chime in if they have any other suggestions.

- Loren

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Thank you so much Loren.  I am available for a call with anyone from SE to get guidance as well.   Love the product and the platform, just want to make sure I'm using properly and to its full potential!! Send me an e-mail if you want to set something up.


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This has been a very hot topic as the years have past for SE.  They have gone through a lot of upgrades and changes to accommodate both the single league (maybe even single team) clubs that just want to add their own opponents each year all the way up to the type of organization you are.

With the experience I have gained from doing a lot of club sites the absolute 'KEY' in trying to do what you want to do is to set a standard.

The most important point of your post was 'we don't care about the past with regard to the web site' and that is the absolute best way to tackle (no pun intended) the future organization of your cub.

The phone call is a great place to start with SE, but having a plan moving forward and getting the system setup to do what you want it to do now is the most important thing you can do.

The SE guys wll steer you right, but knowing that trying to incorporate old data and organizational problems are not the way to go is the first step for you. 

Good post.
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