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Hi SportsEngine Pros,

This is our league's first year with SportEngine and we've generally had no problem uploading practices and games as .csv files formatted in "SportsEngine" format.  But now that we've reached playoff time, I'm having trouble uploading games as TBD vs. TBD (that is, without designating opponents).  We'd like to do this to let people know when the championship and semifinals will be, but of course we don't know the participating teams in advance.

When I try to upload a game with TBD vs. TBD, the SportsEngine uploader won't accept it because there are no Team_ID codes.  I can alternatively create a non-game calendar event and call it "TBD vs. TBD," but that is suboptimal because then the game doesn't appear on the Game tab of the league schedule.  

It's possible to manually create a TBD vs. TBD game, and so I thought I'd reverse engineer it by downloading the game to see what it's SportsEngine format looked like, but mysteriously the game didn't download.

On the SportsEngine upload help page,
it recommends using the Team_1_Division_ID and Team_2_Division_ID fields "if you would like to create TBD teams," but it doesn't have any explanation of how to use these fields other than "Team field must be blank" ... 

Any suggestions?

Pete Groeneveld
Brookline Baseball & Softball

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I ran into the same issue, and as a workaround I used TBD1 vs. TBD2 which worked for me.
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