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WACC Texas

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Can anyone tell me an effective way to run something similar to the venue element?
We are a sports facility with members interested in knowing when our facility's gym is open for use. We have tournaments, camps, etc. that rent the gym so it isn't open during business hours, and can change several times throughout the day.
The venue element is almost good enough (we need to provide long term visibility as well, but that's a different topic), it just requires so many steps to adjust from Open to Closed.

I'd love something I could connect to my calendar that checks if there is something scheduled on the calendar, and if there is, it switches to Closed.

Any and all ideas welcome!


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We have been looking for a way to schedule our team at our indoor practice facility and the outdoor fields.  What your looking for is call resource scheduling.  Diamond scheduler has an application available, but integration with SE was dropped.  I want to be able to have coaches pull the current schedule on their phone, see if any slots are open and if open assign it to themselves. 

I did find a way to do this, but the mobile application does not give permissions for just EDIT capability.  When you have edit, you also have DELETE, which is not good.  I submitted a request to have the edit and delete in the mobile app permissions separated so I can do this directly through SE.  If you find a solution, please post here, I am still looking myself.
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